There are many virtualization platforms to choose from, after experimentation with other platforms we decided that offering KVM Thailand VPS Hosting  is the best virtualization platform to provide a secure environment.


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Thailand VPS

1Gbps Thailand VPS Hosting

1Gbps VPS
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OS Changeable
by User
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Flexible Thailand VPS configurations

Powerful Thailand VPS

VPS CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Ip's Month
VPSP 1 8 Core 4GB 120GB Unlimited
(1Gbps shared)
1 B1500/pm
VPSP 2 6 Core 8GB 120GB Unlimited
(1Gbps shared)
1 B1500/pm
VPSP 3 4 Core 10GB 120GB Unlimited
(1Gbps shared)
1 B1500/pm

High Capacity Thailand VPS

VPS CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Ip's Month
VPS 512 1 Core 512MB 20GB Unlimited
1 B500/pm
VPS 1 1 Core 1GB 40GB Unlimited
1 B650/pm
VPS 2 2 Core 2GB 80GB Unlimited
1 B950/pm
VPS 3 3 Core 3GB 120GB Unlimited
1 B1250/pm
VPS 4 4 Core 4GB 200GB Unlimited
2 B1900/pm
VPS 6 6 Core 8GB 200GB Unlimited
2 B3000/pm
VPS 8 8 Core 15GB 200GB Unlimited
2 B4500/pm

Flexible Thailand VPS

VPS CPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Ip's Month
VPSF 1 3 Core 1GB 25GB Unlimited
1 B650/pm
VPSF 2 2 Core 2GB 25GB Unlimited
1 B650/pm
VPSF 3 1 Core 3GB 25GB Unlimited
1 B650/pm

We have Free and Premium Control Panels available

The Top Thailand VPS Hosting

Customize Your Way

Thailand VPS offers you more server power for less cost than a dedicated server.

  • – Full root access allows custom installs and configuration for control over your hosting environment
  • – The virtual server resources are fully allocated to your site and apps
  • – All the benefits of dedicated resources without the cost
Thailand VPS Hosting
Fast Thailand VPS

Increased Resources

By isolating your VPS solely for you, VPS's provide privacy, security and control.

  • – Multiple layers of network security to ensure maximum server stability.
  • – VPS’s with 1Gbps high performance connections, unlimited bandwidth.
  • – Host your VPS on our fast network helping to improve client retention.

Powerful VPS Panel

Users can perform various tasks and view Graphs to better manage their resources.

  • – Users can reload their OS or even fully change their OS.
  • – Start, stop, or restart the VPS right from your control panel
  • – Access your VPS control panel right from your account manager.
Thailand VPS Management

FAQ - You have questions? We've got answers!

What is a virtual private server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine that is isolated from all other tenants on the same server. You can run your own operating system (OS), so you can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

Do I need a VPS Hosting control panel?

This depends on your level of expertise, if you are very experienced then no, if you are not then yes you should use one. A hosting control panel can save you a lot of time in configuring and maintaining your VPS.

Can I change my OS anytime?

Yes, through our VPS panel. Simply go to the service in your account manager and once the VPS panel loads choose OS, then scroll through the different version, choose one and click install, that’s it.

Do you manage my VPS?

We provides unmanaged Virtual Private Server hosting. You are responsible for the management and files on the VPS. We recommend a control panel be installed which helps you manage the VPS.

Do I need a VPS?

Depending on your resource needs and the application you want to run. If your website has very high resource needs or your apps require specialized modules installed then yes you should use a VPS.

Which control panels do you offer?

we offer free control panels like Webuzo, CWP, Ajenti and Premium Panels like cPanel, interworx and DirectAdmin (other panels can be installed). Contact us if you are not sure which is right for you.

Can I purchase multiple IP addresses?

Yes, you can add additional IP’s during checkout or add them later as your needs grow. We encourage users to have more than one IP if they want each hosted site to have its own anonymity.

Do you offer a trial period or demo?

We do not offer a trial period. And a demo would be impossible considering all of the diverse user needs. If you are uncertain whether a specific plan will meet your needs please contact us.

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